Controlled Wood Chain of Custody certification is an option you can add on to your FSC Chain of Custody certification.  

CW CoC AuditTo fulfil the criteria, you will need to:

  • Define the supply area you source wood from; 
  • Evaluate the risk that you may source wood in violation with five unacceptable categories given in the controlled wood standard as well the risk of mixing in the supply chain;
  • Implement control measures to mitigate any risk that you have sourced unacceptable wood. 
Adding Controlled Wood Chain of Custody certification to your FSC Chain of Custody certification enables you to accept non-certified wood as FSC Controlled Wood, which enables you to use the FSC Mix label on your products and/or to sell the wood as FSC Controlled Wood to other FSC-certified organisations. 
For information on Controlled Wood forest certification see here.  
Restrictions on Controlled Wood claims
Note that the options for promoting your Controlled Wood certification are limited. It is not permitted to use Controlled Wood claims in the public space nor on-product labels.
Instead, what you may do is tell other businesses about your Controlled Wood chain of custody certification. In addition, all Controlled Wood Chain of Custody certificates can be found in the FSC database.